Curricular Resource Center

Curricular Options

The Open Curriculum supports and encourages Brown students to explore their academic interests and passions. While the 2,000+ classes and approximately 80 concentrations offered support students in various pathways, students also may choose to design an interdisciplinary class or independent concentration beyond those offered.

If you are looking to pursue an Independent Concentration or an Independent Study option, the Curricular Resource Center (CRC) and our team of coordinators can assist in aligning your unique passions and goals to your academic journey at Brown.

An Independent Concentration (IC) is a concentration of a student's design that covers an interdisciplinary area of study not currently offered through a standard concentration at Brown but which can be supported by existing course offerings. See the bottom of this page for the Application form; the link to submit a completed application is below.
An Independent Study (IS) is a credit-bearing course designed by a student or a group of students on any academic topic. The IS program enables students to turn their passions into student-led academic courses.