Curricular Resource Center

Whether you're seeking advice on your curricular options, exploring academic communities, or looking for coaching or strategies to optimize your learning experience, the CRC provides a range of programming and opportunities designed to connect students with Brown's academic resources and feel a sense of agency in exploring and achieving their goals.

Programs and Opportunities

Peer Academic Coaches are trained and dedicated upper-level students (juniors, seniors, and graduate students) who empower undergraduate students to achieve their goals and foster the holistic development of academic skills that support their educational journeys and personal well-being.
An Independent Concentration (IC) is a concentration of a student's design that covers an interdisciplinary area of study not currently offered through a standard concentration at Brown but which can be supported by existing course offerings. See the bottom of this page for the Application form; the link to submit a completed application is below.
An Independent Study (IS) is a credit-bearing course designed by a student or a group of students on any academic topic. The IS program enables students to turn their passions into student-led academic courses.
The CRC Leavetaking peer Program Coordinators coordinate peer advising support for students considering a leave of absence and foster a sense of community for returned leave takers.
Theories in Action (TiA) is an interdisciplinary conversation enabling undergraduates to share and showcase their research, leadership activities, artistic productions, community engagement and other worthwhile endeavors.