Curricular Resource Center

Academic Coaching, Engagement and Support (AcCESs)

Peer Academic Coaches are trained and dedicated upper-level students (juniors, seniors, and graduate students) who empower undergraduate students to achieve their goals and foster the holistic development of academic skills that support their educational journeys and personal well-being.

Peer Academic Coaches provide valuable support through 1) personalized, one-on-one coaching meetings, 2) 'Power Hours' (group skill-building and study sessions), 3) open advising hours during midterms and finals, and 4) making campus resource referrals. We partner with coachees to translate the ‘hidden curriculum’ of college learning and Brown’s various opportunities for support and empowerment.

Academic Coaching is a service where students have the opportunity to work with one of our coaches on a one-on-one basis. Our coaches cover a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences and STEM fields, and work with any student free of charge.
Academic Coaches are trained junior, senior, or graduate students who are eager to help support you along your academic journey. Coaches meet with students to provide holistic support and promote personal well-being in the context of academic and co-curricular success.
For Spring 2024, Academic Coaches are hosting events around topics that may be pertinent to you as a student at Brown University. Do you need help learning how to manage your time and staying motivated? Are you an athlete and need help navigating course registration? Do you need help planning your courses or understanding how your academic interests may intersect with your career goals? Attend our Power Hours!
An Academic Coach is a peer mentor who is trained and supervised to support you in being academically engaged and successful.

Questions about Academic Coaching? Please email You may also contact the CRC Program Manager, Faith Freeman or the CRC Director & Associate Dean of the College, Peggy Chang.