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Matched Advising Program for Sophomores

The Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS) is a year-long peer mentoring program that focuses on various aspects of navigating sophomore year at Brown.

Program Offerings

The MAPS program offers:

  • Matches between sophomore mentees and junior/senior mentors aligned with similar academic and personal interests.
  • Facilitated conversation opportunities for the mentor/mentee pairs.
  • Workshop on setting goals aligned with personal values.
  • Workshop on how to choose a concentration.
  • Opportunities to learn more about fellowship, internship, research experiences, and career exploration support at Brown.
  • Discussions about other topics such as growth mindset and reflecting on meaning and purpose.

By pairing second-year students with upperclass student mentors for one-on-one and group-advising support, MAPS enables sophomores to feel better prepared to navigate concentration choices, career and research opportunities, "sophomore slump," and more.

Learning Goals for Mentees

  • Increase comfort with accessing on-campus resources and articulating wants and needs from academic/advising relationships.
  • Develop a meaningful mentoring relationship with an older student in order to gain knowledge and experience about navigating decisions and choices that arise in sophomore year and beyond.
  • Think critically about choosing a concentration, exploring career paths, deepening engagement with learning, and making choices as a journey/growth process.



Email or reach out to one of the MAPS Co-Coordinators. You may also contact CRC Assistant Director, Janet Isserlis.


Use this anonymous feedback form to let us know how we’re doing or to provide suggestions on how we can improve the program.